Chocapalha Arinto

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Wine Description

A pure expression of Arinto sourced from 26 year old vineyards 28 miles northwest of Lisbon, this refreshing white is vinified in stainless steel vats and aged for 5 months on the lees before bottling.

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“The 2008 Arinto has been seen before but this checkup, after a recent tasting in Porto, proves that it can age. It does show some maturity now, some complexity, a bit of pear and other drier flavors, but it is fresh, tight and lively. This vintage, to be sure, is one that has aged well for most whites in Portugal and Arinto ages well. Just gorgeous now, this is fresh enough to still be called prime time but complex enough to be better and more interesting. It may even last a few years more. Sandra Tavares got excited by how well it showed and declared it could go 20 years. She might be right but I'm going to go a little slower than that. Let's take it in stages. This is, of course, a library wine.”
— Wine Advocate, Oct 2017
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Vineyard & Production Info
Vineyard name
Vineyard size
13 acres
Soil composition
Calcareous and Clay
Training method
825 feet
2.4 tons
Northern / Southern
Harvest time:
mid September
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Winemaking & Aging
Maceration length:
Varietal composition:
100% Arinto
Fermentation container:
Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation:
27 days
Fermentation temperature:
54 °F
Malolactic fermentation:
Type of aging container:
Stainless steel tanks
Length of aging before bottling:
6 months
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Analytical Data
No relevant data were found.
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Wine Production

A slow fermentation taking 27 days allows for the development of floral and citrus aromoatics and the 5 months on the lees softens the bracing acidity of the Arinto grape.