Quinta de Chocapalha

Brand Description

Originally acquired in the 1980’s, the 110 acres of nearly abandoned vineyards discovered on the estate dated back to the 16th century; the family immediately embarked on an investment program to replant and regraft the vines with the thriving varietals of the area, both indigenous and international. In 2000, the new plantings had reached optimal maturity when Sandra Tavares, the youngest daughter made her first debut as a winemaker, passionate and eager to produce wine with only the best grapes found on the estate.

Location of Vineyard

Quinta de Chocapalha is nestled between the sun-bathed hills surrounding Alenquer, just northwest of Lisbon.

Winemaking Philosophy

Drawing from traditional and modern winemaking influences, Quinta de Chocapalha vinifies in traditional lagares yet employs the use of a mechanical treaders during fermentation; this fine-tuned winemaking philosophy shines through in the wines, which boast both traditional minerality and elegance, while remaining fresh and fruit forward in essence.

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Winery Profile
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“Fermented in open top lagares, the wine comes from the estate’s oldest vines. It has a big structure and polished, generous black fruits. Structure and density enhance the richness of this fine wine.”
— acclaim for 2017 Chocapalha Vinha Mãe from Wine Enthusiast, Oct 2022
“Despite its weight, this is an elegant wine. It is rich and dense, but it is the wine’s poise that impresses. The perfumed Touriga Nacional shines through the structure and promises much. Drink this wine from 2025.”– (Cellar Selection)
— acclaim for 2018 CH by Chocapalha from Wine Enthusiast, Oct 2022
“The 2018 CH is a Touriga Nacional aged for 22 months in 30% new French barriques. It comes in at 15.1% alcohol, a notable increase this year. It handles it well. More predictably, it seems expressive and ripe, the delicious blue fruits lingering nicely on the finish. Beautifully crafted as well, this is nicely balanced and very focused. It should age well, maybe better than indicated. In the meanwhile, it isn't so hard to drink right now. I would recommend, though, a couple of years in the cellar to let it come together.”
— acclaim for 2018 CH by Chocapalha from Wine Advocate, Dec 2021
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