Quinta de Chocapalha

Brand Description

Originally acquired in the 1980’s, the 110 acres of nearly abandoned vineyards discovered on the estate dated back to the 16th century; the family immediately embarked on an investment program to replant and regraft the vines with the thriving varietals of the area, both indigenous and international. In 2000, the new plantings had reached optimal maturity when Sandra Tavares, the youngest daughter made her first debut as a winemaker, passionate and eager to produce wine with only the best grapes found on the estate.

Location of Vineyard

Quinta de Chocapalha is nestled between the sun-bathed hills surrounding Alenquer, just northwest of Lisbon.

Winemaking Philosophy

Drawing from traditional and modern winemaking influences, Quinta de Chocapalha vinifies in traditional lagares yet employs the use of a mechanical treaders during fermentation; this fine-tuned winemaking philosophy shines through in the wines, which boast both traditional minerality and elegance, while remaining fresh and fruit forward in essence.

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Winery Profile
Owner: Alice and Paulo Tavares da Silva
Winemaker: Sandra Tavares da Silva
Total acreage under vine: 110
Founded: 1855
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“This barely seems older than the 2022 just tasted though the fruit is a little less exuberant and the stony/mineral side is more obvious. Here it is more purely grapefruit and crushed stones, though the fruit opens up on the palate on the day after opening. Tighter and more chalky in texture, tastes even crisper in acidity than the 2022 even though the pH is slightly higher. A baby with a long future still. Utterfly fresh and pure-fruited but not simple thanks to a slight grip in the texture and the beginning of its evolution from primary fruit to bottle-aged complexity, maybe a hint of cedar. With age, Arinto can taste not unlike aged Riesling.” – 16.5/20  — acclaim for 2021 Chocapalha Arinto from Jancis Robinson, Mar 2024
“Primary citrus aroma of grapefruit and lime with a hint of green fruits and lime leaf (tilleul), plus a suggestion of stone dust. A definite but subtle grip on the palate, which accentuates the freshness and vice versa. Lots of texture here as well as a long, mouth-watering salty finish. Needs time and should age really well - much longer than you might expect. Impressive intensity, almost sweet-sour on the finish even though it is a dry wine.” – 16.5 points/20 — acclaim for 2022 Chocapalha Arinto from Jancis Robinson, Mar 2024
“Mid garnet. Fragrant with small dark berries, notes of blackberry and raspberry and a hint of pepper. On the palate, both juicy and finely tannic, very fresh and youthful for a 2020 wine and masses of energy. Mouth-watering and satisfying at the same time. Gently chewy dry tannins that contain the exuberant fruit very well without overly subduing it. A Peter Pan wine that seems to be ageing very slowly.” – 16/20  — acclaim for 2020 Chocapalha Castelão from Jancis Robinson, Apr 2024
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