Château Peyrat


After 15 years of experience and commitment to the fine wine sector, Aurélien Dulor, along with Ludovic and Damien Martial shared the common goal of taking over the reins of a property in the Graves appellation.  In 2014, they saw the potential with Château Peyrat and brought together 27 passionate investors to help in their endeavor.

Location of Vineyard

Located in Cérons, in the heart of the Graves AOP, Château Peyrat is a 42 acre "clos" currently planted to 20 acres of white varieties and 18.5 acres of red.  With its microclimate, due to the proximity of the Garonne River, and the sandy, clay soils on a limestone bedrock, Château Peyrat typifies the Graves terroir, displaying minerality, freshness and finesse.  As for viticulture, the team at Château Peyrat promote working the soils and sowing grasses to restore the vineyards natural balance and to promote biodiversity.  "Let the plant live, express itself, create a symbiosis with the elements." 

Winemaking Philosophy

Château Peyrat has a simple winemaking philosophy - respect the typicity of the grape varieties and work in small concrete tanks to conserve fruit and freshness to the wines. 


from Château Peyrat

Château Peyrat Graves Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc & Sauvignon Blanc-based Blends

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Château Peyrat Graves Rouge

Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon Blends

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