Argiolas Serra Lori

Argiolas Serra Lori

Wine Description

Argiolas is the foremost wine estate on the island of Sardinia producing archetypal wines from native varietals. The winery was founded in 1938 by Antonio Argiolas and was the first on the island to pursue quality over quantity. Today, the Argiolas family is recognized as Sardinia’s leading producer of wine.

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and lies roughly 190 miles west of Italy's mainland. The vineyards of Argiolas are located in Serdiana in the Trexenta hills just north of the capital of Cagliari. Argiolas farms 600 acres of native Sardinian grapes including Nuragus, Monica, and Cannonau.

Serra Lori is a dry rosato blended from Cannonau, Monica, Carignano, and Bovale Sardo, four red grape varietals that typify Sardinian viticulture. The grapes spend 3 to 4 hours macerating on their skins resulting in a lively pink color. Serra Lori is vinified entirely in stainless-steel tanks.

Antonio Argiolas
Argiolas Vineyard
Antonio, Francesca and Valentina Argiolas
Is Solinas
Autumn Vine
Argiolas Winery
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“Pale red pink. Herbal and pyrazinic on the nose (there are obvious notes of green bell pepper). Offers a juicy red fruit presence in the mouth, but it is again marked by a noteworthy green streak. Finishes with hints of flowers on the medium-long finish. Made with a blend of four local Sardinian grape varieties: ideally, the Cannonau (a Sardinian biotype of Grenache) and Monica provide a strawberry fruitiness, and the Carignano and Bovale Sardo deliver freshness and perfume.”
— Vinous, May 2019
“This beautifully-hued rosé hails from the Italian island of Sardinia. Made from several local grapes varieties, Serra Lori spends between 3-4 hours macerating on the grape skins, imparting both the gorgeous color and those beneficial antioxidants. Full of lively berry flavors and crisp finish, it’s perfect for kicking off the summer season.”
— Prevention, Jul 2020
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Vineyard & Production Info
Production area/appellation:
Isola dei Nuraghi IGT
Vineyard name
The Guamaggiore and S'elegas vineyards
Soil composition
Calcareous, Silt, and Clay-Loam
Training method
750 feet
2.4-3.2 tons
Southeastern / Southwestern
Year vineyard planted:
Harvest time:
First vintage of this wine:
Bottles produced of this wine:
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Winemaking & Aging
Maceration length:
6 hours
Varietal composition:
50% Cannonau, 25% Monica, 20% Carignano, 5% Bovale
Fermentation container:
Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation:
18 days
Fermentation temperature:
61-63 °F
Type of aging container:
Stainless steel tanks
Length of aging before bottling:
3-4 months
Length of bottle aging:
1 month
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Analytical Data
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