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Takamine Bottle
Jokichi Takamine is likely the most influential Japanese distiller you’ve never heard of. Decades before Masataka Taketsuru (AKA the father of Japanese whiskey) traveled to Scotland to learn the secrets of Scotch whisky, chemist Jokichi Takamine was living in the U.S. and experimenting with using koji mold to saccharify barley.
Agave Field
Winebow represents the best quality agave spirits available—all with authenticity, quality, and transparency. We are proud to state that the entirety of our agave selections are both non-diffusor produced and have absolutely no additives.
Abeja Syrah Block
Forbes’ Amber Gibson recently said, “Many winemakers I spoke with find it maddening that Washington wines don’t get more respect, and it’s still an uphill battle when it comes to national distribution in key retail and restaurant outlets.”
Dr. L Bottles
The origin story of Weingut Dr. Loosen would make an engrossing movie to rival wine classics such as Sideways and Bottle Shock. In 1988, young Ernst Loosen left college and returned to the village of Bernkastel in the Mosel Valley at his dying father’s behest to take over the family’s winery business.
A pile of Broadbent cans in two flavors/colors (pink and blue)
In 2020, the canned wine market exploded in North America. Younger consumers especially are looking for convenient, portable, and single serve beverages. No glassware or wine keys needed; cans are easily stowed in bags and ready to drink with a quick pop of a tab.
whiskey glass on table
Is there a difference? Well, yes and no (mostly no). The Scots, who invented the spirit known as Scotch whisky, chose no E. The Irish, who also claim to have invented whiskey, use an E. The word whisky/whiskey comes from the Gaelic “uisce beatha” which translates to “water of life.”