Tramin Epokale 2010

Founded in 1889 by Christian Schrott, rector of Termeno, Cantina Tramin is among the oldest cooperatives in the region. Our wines are created from grapes grown by our 300 growers, with the pride of knowing that each bottle contains a compendium of philosophy of life and work: rigor, dedication, confidence and creativity.

About the Vineyard

The two vineyards are located in Söll, a subzone of Tramin. The climate is defined by an extreme interplay between sunny days and cool nights marked by the cold downslope winds from the surrounding mountains. The soil is calciferous gravel with loam on porphyry bedrock, which contributes to the minerality of the wine.

The name Epokale is a reference to an epoch, i.e. to the Middle Ages, in which the Gewürztraminer wines produced in our area used to have a higher residual sugar content. 

Wine Production

After fermenting and aging in steel tanks with the lees for 8 months, the bottled wine is carried to the Ridanna Monteneve mine, at over 2,000 m in altitude. Here, the wine ages in the dark for nearly 6 years, 4 km deep in the mine, in an environment that maintains constant 90% humidity and a temperature of 11°C all year long, with the air pressure the same as outdoors. 

Tasting Notes

The extreme interplay between sunny days influenced by the Mediterranean climate and cool nights marked by the cold downslope winds from the surrounding mountains have a positive influence on the development of the aromas and the acidity of Epokale. 

Food Pairing

Epokale is the ideal match for spicy dishes, its blossom aromas harmonize with seafood and grilled fish, fabulous with white meat or dishes replete with substantial herbs or spices, like game with pear, cranberry jam and alpine herbs. Perfect with smear-ripened cheeses with not-too-sweet desserts.

Production Info
Vineyard name
Nussbaumer Hof and Söller Hof
Vineyard size
2 acres
Soil composition
Calcareous, Gravel, and Silty-Loam
Training method
Pergola/Arbor-trained Guyot
1,300-1,450 feet
Average Vine Age
25-28 years
Year vineyard planted
Harvest time
End of October
First vintage of this wine
Bottles produced of this wine
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
100% Gewürztraminer
Prefermentation Technique
Cold soak
Fermentation container
Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation
30 days
Fermentation temperature
65 °F
Fining agent
Type of aging container
Stainless steel tanks
Length of bottle aging
6 years in a silver mine at 2,000 m with constant temperature and humidity
Size of aging container
Length of aging before bottling
8 months
Analytical Data
13.5 %
Residual sugar
55 g/L
5 g/L
Dry extract
79.5 g/L

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