Sansonina Evaluna 2019

As a second generation producer in a region that her father Sergio Zenato put on the map, Nadia Zenato and her mother Carla Prospero created Evaluna out of a deep love but also deep knowledge of the area. Evaluna (Eve + Moon) evokes the passion and a long practice in the vineyard sites of Lake Garda by the Zenato family. Evaluna in name and intent endeavors to break the mold of what is considered possible in a land of diverse agricultural abundance.

Both native and international grapes have grown around Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake, for hundreds of years. Long ago, the presence of red wines of Lake Garda (Gardo clareto) and their consumption was noted as early as the Renaissance, when Pope Leo X commented on their quality. The landscape and geology are ideal for viticulture. The near Mediterranean climate and unique terrain have made this possible. The geology of advancing and retreating glaciers left deposits rich in morainic and silty/morainic soils, the same soils prized for production of the region’s Lugana white wines. The lake’s thermo-regulating influence and temperate microclimate make more than viticulture possible, as the area abounds in diverse crops, including lemon, orange and citron trees, together with olive groves and capers.

Tasting Notes

Silty/morainic soils with the presence of clay are well-suited soils for Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Sandy soil elevates aromatics and creates softer wines, showing less tannin. The presence of clay allows a balancing act to sand, offering higher extract and color. Vinifying in stainless allows for the fresh red fruits to emerge together with peppery characteristics of the Cabernet duo.

Food Pairing

The fresh profile and moderate tannins offer immediate drinkability. With food, reach for a porchetta sandwich, roasted chicken or game birds such as quail. Hard cheeses with age are an ideal exploration with the wine.

Production Info
Production area/appellation
Garda DOC
Vineyard name
Peschiera del Garda - south of Garda Lake
Vineyard size
6 acres
Soil composition
Training method
Cordon Spur-pruned
180 feet
Eastern / Western
Year vineyard planted
Harvest time
First vintage of this wine
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Cabernet Franc
Fermentation container
Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation
12 days
Fermentation temperature
72 °F
Malolactic fermentation
Length of bottle aging
Length of aging before bottling
Analytical Data
13.5 %
pH level
Residual sugar
4.6 g/L
5.6 g/L
Dry extract
30.5 g/L

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