Poli Marconi 42 Gin

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Wine Description

Italian artisanal Gin obtained from an exclusive infusion of officinal herbs, berries and spices from the lands washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Juniper berries, rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, cardamom, coriander, and fennel create a perfect harmony in 42% ABV of pure fragrant pleasure.

Marconi 42 is distilled in small batches by Jacopo Poli with Crysopea, a proprietary vacuum bain-marie pot still: a one-of-a-kind distillation method that allows distilling at a lower temperature to capture the freshness of each botanical, obtaining intense scents, a neat taste, and a long-lasting aromatic persistence.

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“Produced at the historic Poli Distillerie in Italy’s grappa-producing heartland, this Mediterranean-style gin screams of vibrant, fresh herbs. Menthol meets basil and citrus on the nose, while rosemary and thyme join on the palate, adding earthy depth. Lively, vibrant, and fresh, this gin will upgrade your summer highball game.”
— Vinepair, Mar 2022
“Most folks’ first pass with Italian genius Guglielmo Marconi came courtesy of a rather inane (but singable) lyric by Starship, located in the pre-chorus  of the band’s hit “We Built This City.” The scientist is largely considered to be the founding father of the radio telegraph, winning him the Nobel prize for Physics. Marconi street also serves as the address in Schiavon, Vicenza, where Poli distillery is located. So, it seemed more than appropriate to craft a gin bearing his name, presented in a beautifully embossed glass bottle. Let’s dig in.

Unsurprisingly, the nose is quite aromatic. However, what is surprising is that it is not as juniper-forward as expected. It is quite sharp and medicinal at first, but eventually finds it way into herbal territory, with coriander, a hint of juniper elderflower, and muted juniper. A palate of mixed garden herbs, basil, and sage dominate the beginning of the palate, but then the mint takeover begins. The finish is long and immensely enjoyable, with the minty menthol sensation leading the charge before cardamom and rosemary provide muted relief near the end.

Incredibly savory and immensely herbal, this will challenge even the staunchest of gin enthusiasts to find fault with it, though I’m sure someone will. In my estimation, this rates as one of the better gins I’ve enjoyed in quite some time.”– 9.5/10, A
— Drink Hacker, Jan 2022
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Analytical Data
42 %