La Doria


Cascina la Doria is located in the San Cristoforo municipality right next to the village of Gavi on the left bank of the Lemme river. The river creates a viticultural ecosystem and a favorable microclimate, that allow for a Gavi of quality and intense perfumes.

Location of Vineyard

Situated in the municipality of San Cristoforo, some 3 KM from the village of Gavi DOCG. 

Winemaking Philosophy

At La Doria there is no routine, every year is unique, requiring specific care and producing different grapes. Winemaking and farming methods change year by year, and depending on the climate different vineyards are to be selected for late harvesting.


from La Doria

La Doria Gavi

Other White Grape or Blend

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La Doria Moscato d'Asti

Other White Grape or Blend

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