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Pepe Mendoza is one of the most talented and recognized winemakers in Spain. He started at a young age helping his father, the founder of the prestigious Grandes Pagos inducted Bodegas Enrique Mendoza in Alicante. He studied Viticulture and Enology, carried out his practicum and worked all over the world. Upon returning to Spain, he took over leading the vineyard management and winemaking of the family business.  

Casa Agricola is Pepe Mendoza's dream in the making.  After more than 25 years of experience making wine, developing and understanding the soils, varieties and climate of Alicante, the time was ripe to start on his most personal endeavor, teaming up with his wife Pepa Agulló Llorca and their children. Sustainability, respect and tradition are the heart of the project.

Casa Agrícola focuses primarily on local Mediterranean low yield varieties sourced from their own mostly dry farmed vineyards. Mainly traditional goblet planted vines, are 40 to 77 years old.

Pepe seeks with passion to express the best of the landscape and climate of Alto Vinalopó and Marina Alta. Both are prominent terroirs of the D.O. Alicante, a historic Appellation in Spain. Part high country and part coastal. He wishes to reflect their soils, their mountains, their sea, their character, and all the magic of the Mediterranean.

The one of a kind Riu Rau winery located in the historic Abargues estate in Lliber, has been refurbished to house the production of Casa Agrícola wines and is open to visitors.

Location of Vineyard

The “Serra Forta”, “El Veneno”, and “Los Burros” parcels lie in the highlands of the Alto Vinalopó region distributed between Sierra Salinas and Pinoso. The 10 hectares here produce Monastrell, Alicante Bouchet, Syrah, Airén, and Macabeo. 

The “Benimei” and “Abargues” parcels in Pla de Lliber lie in the sea-influenced Marina Alta region. The 12 hectares here produce Moscatel of Alexandria and Giró.

Winemaking Philosophy

Although un-certified organic, natural mostly dry farming is prioritized, sustainable and respectful of the environment. The expression of simplicity, stressing the importance of high potential grapes without overripe or sun-roasted berries, so a fresher expression can be reflected.

Following minimal intervention, small production artisanal, fermenting with their own indigenous yeasts, each variety is vinified separately at maturity. Each wine has a different evolution. Some fermented in temperature controlled tanks, some in amphora's. They are aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve all the fruit and retain primary aromas, or in the clay amphora's made by ceramist Juan Padilla, or in French oak and then bottle.

Each Casa Agricola wine has its own personality, and all are a full expression of the best their terroir has to offer.


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Casa Agricola Blanco

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