Brand Description

A new vodka born from the slopes of Mt. Etna. VULCANICA means ‘volcanic’ in Italian. The region where our ancient grains are grown is dominated by Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, a towering and unmistakable presence. The name Vulcanica conveys the strength, the fire and purity of our product.

Vulcanica Vodka Siciliana is sustainably produced and is the FIRST vodka to be made from the ancient grains of Sicily. Enjoy a distinctive, straightforward, and memorable sip of this unique new spirit!

Vulcanica innovates and sustains the agricultural land in Sicily, respecting the environment and protecting the biodiversity of the ancient grains. Ancient grains have typically lower yields, but also a low gluten content and they require less to none pesticides. We are the first ones to use the ancient grains of Sicily to produce a superior sicilian vodka: VULCANICA.

Location of Vineyard

Caltanissetta is a city very conveniently located in the middle of nowhere: the inland of Sicily. Poor, with a harsh climate and a very conservative mindset, Giovanni Ruvolo, the mayor, once said: “Our farmers are so traditionalist that they have never managed to grow the modern high-yield grain varietals that everybody else favors. Ironically, this disadvantage has now transformed into a competitive advantage”. 

Sicily was famously Rome’s granary. Before that, Sicilian grain was shipped to Greece and other parts of the Mediterranean region and has remained a fundamental part of the island’s economy until recent times. It is still an important crop but, more significantly, an amazing quantity of ancient and indigenous grain varietals is still grown in Sicily. The purpose of Vulcanica is to become a keeper of culture and ancient identities, preserving traditions that are in danger of extinction, with the desire and the belief to rebuild and innovate the cereal industry.

Winemaking Philosophy

Every batch of Vulcanica Vodka is hand-crafted for the optimum expression of the Sicilian countryside. Our distillation process is methodical, capturing only the purest aromas and flavors of the island’s traditional grains. The light filtration process is meant to retain all of the nuanced flavors of the ancient grains growing around the volcano Etna.

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Winery Profile
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“Distilled from “ancient and indigenous Sicilian grains,” according to the producer, this vodka has a mild citrusy aroma and distinctly sweet, slightly juicy palate. Candied lemon peel leads into a finish tinged with vanilla and ginger heat.”
— acclaim for N/V Vulcanica Vodka from Wine Enthusiast, Apr 2022
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