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Stella Pinot Grigio, Italy’s Rising Star 

Italian for ‘Stars’, Stella is a tribute to nature’s most vital star. The Sun. 
Stella’s vibrant flavors of pear, lime, apple are cultivated in the long, sun-drenched days of Northern Italy’s delle Venezie region, while fresh acidity and floral aromas are preserved under cool, star-studded evening skies. Infused with the very essence of the sun, Stella is sure to brighten any occasion.

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“While many moscatos you find on the market are one-dimensional, this one from Stella offers hints of welcome complexity that one doesn’t often encounter, especially for the price point. Medium-intensity lemon in color, this wine has an aromatic nose of grapefruit, white rose blossom, pear drop and lychee with a hint of sauvignon-blancesque, fresh-cut grass. On the palate the dry, medium-dry moscato delivers zesty flavors suggested on the nose supported by medium acidity and completing with a medium-plus finish.”
— acclaim for 2017 Stella Moscato from Wine Casual, Jan 2019
“The wine was fermented in all stainless steel and with a short fermentation process. The result is a fresh, bright and fruity wine. The aromas are soft on this wine, but it reveals some pear, peach, citrus and floral aromas. Vibrant and slightly tart peach, lemon and pear flavors give the wine a nice palate. It’s bright and refreshing. Citrus lingers on the finish, along with a slight salinity. The mouthfeel is good….Overall it’s a nice wine.”
— acclaim for 2016 Stella Pinot Grigio from Cheap Wine Ratings, Jun 2018
“Moscato is one of those wines that you always have around. Why? Well, for one, your mother-in-law loves sweeter wines, and prefers those that sparkle. I have not witnessed a significant difference (statistical term) between moscatos—they tend to be fruity, slightly sweet, and extremely refreshing, which is the case here. As a plus, it’s Sicilian, which is a win.” (“Good to Very Good”)
— acclaim for 2017 Stella Moscato from The Drunken Cyclist, Jun 2019
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