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“It was love at first sight. This is a land that inspires strong emotions, a place of rebirth. In 2000, my mother Carla, traveling with my father through the Tuscan hills was amazed by this place, attracted by its curious way of being a world of its own, where emotions and unique memories can be experienced.” – Nadia Zenato.

In 2003, Carla Prospero bought  a smallholding of 3.8 hectares in Bolgheri dedicated to the pursit of crafting authentic Tuscan wines that are the most original expression of the land, the people and the vines from which they are produced.

Bolgheri is a way of being, an expression of the soul; a suspended dimension in which places, sounds, fragrances, materials and colors are interwoven in a poignant composition. The dark blue of the sea dazzles you, the light blue of the sky caresses you, while the green of the vineyard embraces you.

Location of Vineyard

Enchanted by the magic of Bolgheri, Carla purchased a small farm along the Via Bolgherese - the Bolgheri wine trail - in the heart of the appellation. Here, shaded by Bolgheri’s picturesque cypress trees, olive groves alternate with vineyards planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, crafted to produce Carla’s personal interpretation of Bolgheri DOC.

Winemaking Philosophy

It is their mission to invest in exceptional vines in search of wines that cultivate the authentic, original expression of the land, people and terroir from which they are hailed.


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Podere Prospero Bolgheri

Cabernet Sauvignon-based Blends

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