Oxford Landing


It takes an amazing amount of vision to look at a patch of sunburnt red soil and imagine a vineyard bursting with fruit. That’s exactly what the late Wyndham Hill-Smith did when he founded Oxford Landing in 1958.

Seating by the gob smacking River Murray, which winds its way through the rugged rural landscape, rippling with life and promise, the Estate benefits from rich soil with excellent drainage and offers a magnificent color palette: vivid red soil, clear blue skies, multi-colored native birds, towering gum trees, and sunlight dancing on the river.

One of the first single vineyard plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon in the state, Oxford Landing also was early in committing to sustainability and investing in the community around it.

Loyal to these guiding principles, Oxford Landing’s capable, dedicated team produces quality, affordable wine for lovers around the globe.

Location of Vineyard

What do you get when you combine a Mediterranean climate, plenty of sunshine, fertile red soil, the longest single river in Australia, and 300 hectares of vines surrounded by natural vegetation? Prime grape growing conditions.

The Riverland is an arid part of the world but our vines and the surrounding native vegetation receive a lot of TLC (tender loving care). The vines are split into 150 twohectare blocks so that each one can be treated as an individual ecosystem. That means our team can make sure the varieties, grapes and the land below is treated individually, ensuring healthier fruit, greater harvesting flexibility and ultimately more flavor in your glass.

Winemaking Philosophy

The ‘small scale’ approach continues in the winery with methods usually reserved for boutique winemaking. These include wild fermentation with yeasts native to the vineyard and blending with barrel-aged wines. Minimal handling of the juice also means the fruit is processed gently, yet quickly.

Thinking small does make a lot more work for us, but we take pride in working hard to craft great wine.

All our wines are vegan and have been since 2008.


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