MadFish Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2021

Picturesque Madfish Bay is located in the remote southern corner of Western Australia. The bay's tranquility is broken when two tides meet. According to local folklore, the fish, confused by this natural phenomenon, can be observed leaping in the air as if in a state of complete madness. The MadFish wine range and label, first released in 1992, was named as an homage to this unique geographical occurrence. The superb climate of South West Australia has always been conducive to the cultivation of healthy wine grapes with attractive and vibrant fruit flavors.

Mad Fish Sauvignon Blanc Semillon is a fresh, young representation of a classic blend. This Australian take on a Bordeaux classic features abundant fruit flavors and vibrant structure delivering a delicious wine to enjoy young.

Night harvest at cool temperatures, immediate crushing and pressing at the winery, and cool fermentation ensures maximum fruit freshness and varietal aromatics in this wine. A small component fermented in older oak gives richness and texture to the palate.

Tasting Notes

A flood of intense fruits lift from the glass as guava, black currant and gooseberry mingle with custard apple, cantaloupe, sweet herbs and citrus zest. The palate offers bright and intense fruit flavours, a lovely lemon butter richness and a long refreshing citrus acidity to finish. 

Food Pairing

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, with its bright fruit flavors, acidic structure, and medium mouthfeel, is quite versatile and can pair with a variety of foods from green salads to light pasta dishes to Meditteranean appetizers. Additionally, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon from maritime climates lends itself particularly well to a variety of shellfish - especially oysters.

Production Info
Bottles produced of this wine
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
88% Sauvignon Blanc, 12% Semillon
Analytical Data
13 %
pH level
Residual sugar
5.9 g/L
1.4 g/L

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