Flora Lisa

Brand Description

The muse: a person, a mysterious force who enables one to go beyond limits, beyond the expected, making life richer, the world filled with beauty. The muse is a recurring image and theme within Italian art and culture dating back the Renaissance and into the modern day. This persona is the inspiration for Italy’s newest Pinot Grigio brand: Flora Lisa.

Location of Vineyard

Terre di Chieti is located in Abruzzo in Central Italy along the Adriatic Coast in the foothills of the Apennines Mountain range. The appellation is characterized by hilly areas enclosed within the mountains and coast. The warmer climate provides a unique flavor profile to the Pinot Grigio compared to Northern interpretations such as richer fruit, adding note of tangerine to the traditional green apple, peach and citrus, rounder texture and more exuberant aromatics.

Winemaking Philosophy

The philosophy for Flora Lisa in centered on driving environmentally conscious winemaking through new technologies, from vineyard to bottling. Not only are the wines produced from organic grapes, the packaging was designed to be sustainable using recycled materials.

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Winery Profile
Winemaker: Giulia La Scorciosa
Founded: 2014
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