Brand Description

In 1991, the D’Agostino family merged with the local cooperative winery, creating Botromagno, the first successful example of a privately owned winery partnered with more than 100 local grape growers. The D’Agostino family has been able to foster a reliable and efficient synergy with the local farmers; based on strict standards for quality grape growing, they have rapidly become one of the finest wineries in Puglia.

Location of Vineyard

The winery is located in the town of Gravina in Puglia. The Gravina DOC, which is named after the town, is one of Puglia’s most important appellations.

Winemaking Philosophy

The D’Agostinos have been the only ones to invest in the Gravina DOC, recovering the production of this white wine and rebuilding its reputation as an elegant and versatile wine. Today they are the only producers of the flavorful and refreshing Gravina, which is considered by many to be one of the most exciting whites from Southern Italy.

Alberto D'Agostino, Alberto Antonini, Beniamino D'Agostino
Botromagno Winery
Botromagno - La Selva Grande Vineyard
Botromagno - La Selva Vineyard
Botromagno - Vineyard
Botromagno - D'Agostino Family
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Winery Profile
Owner: Beniamino and Alberto D'Agostino
Winemaker: Goffredo Agostini
Total acreage under vine: 125
Founded: 1991
Production: 400000
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“A fresh white, with hints of fresh rosemary and orange blossoms providing a fragrant thread through notes of baked pineapple and pink grapefruit granita. Chalky in texture, with a lightly salty finish.”
— acclaim for 2021 Botromagno Gravina from Wine Spectator, Dec 2022
“Botró is a 50/50 blend of Greco and Fiano from the Gravina area of Puglia. With no malolactic fermentation and rested in stainless steel rather than oak, the deep straw-yellow wine is especially fresh, fruity, bright, and aromatic. Botromagno is a privately owned winery partnered with more than 100 local grape growers. Perched on a steep crag, Gravina has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era – as well as featured in the next James Bond movie.”
— acclaim for 2019 Botromagno Botró from Beverage Media, May 2020
“The 2020 Rosé di Lulú is quite unique and perfumed in the glass, with a bouquet of Sour Patch melon, sweet spice and candied orange peels. It’s soft textured with wild inner floral tones complemented by hints of ginger, coming across more like an exotic herbal tea than wine. The result is actually quite pleasurable as this tapers off savory yet fresh with a lingering hint of spearmint.”
— acclaim for 2020 Botromagno Rosé di Lulú from Vinous, May 2022
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