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In 1990, Allan Scott with his wife Catherine established Allan Scott Family Winemakers, one of the first independent winemakers in the Marlborough region. Allan has worked every harvest since 1973, culminating in 40 years of expertise in the wine business, and he is credited with planting Marlborough's first and now some of its most famous vineyards. With Allan Scott, family roots run deep. While Allan and Catherine remain actively involved in all levels of production, their children Josh and Sara have assumed control of the company and head up the production, management, and development of the company with a highly skilled operational team. The winery has produced wines consistent in flavor and quality year after year while continually evolving to keep ahead of the changing demand of the market. The Scott family attributes its success to excellent vineyard sites, hard work, superb conditions, and a desire to produce the world’s best wines.

Location of Vineyard

With its distinctive combination of cool nights, sunny days and young soils, Marlborough is recognized as one of the world’s greatest wine regions. Within Marlborough, the Rapaura area along the northern edge of the Wairau Valley has become particularly prized. This is where Allan Scott established the family vineyards, all within close proximity to the winery. It is here the winery can take advantage of the individual characteristics of each vineyard using specific viticultural practices designed for each site to maximize their potential. With different soil types and vine age, they can obtain a range of typical Marlborough herbaceousness to very ripe tropical flavors. Each vine gets special attention as the team make every effort to produce the best wine possible with each vintage.

Winemaking Philosophy

The modern, fully equipped winery specializes in the production of the aromatic varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, which are perfectly suited to the gravelly soils that predominate in the vineyards. Pinot Noir also thrives in the sunny Marlborough climate, contributing to the Scotts’ ever-growing reputation for traditionally made wines. In 2006, the Allan Scott Winery joined the Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand program and continues to practice its guidelines closely in addition to using organic inputs when farming the vineyards, with minimal chemicals and energy.


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