Vulcanica Vodka N/V

Vulcanica is an extra-premium hand-crafted Vodka. Made from a unique blend of organic, high-protein, low-gluten, savory Sicilian grains that have been a part of the daily diet on the island for millennia.

Sustainably grown using little to no pesticides, with respect to the environment and the biodiversity of ancient grains.

Grains are steeped, fermented, and distilled in small batches in a copper column to produce a soft and creamy, sophisticated spirit that reflects the true essence of Sicily.

Tasting Notes

Vulcanica is not tasteless and transparent. It is clearly unclear and brimming with Sicilian charm. The light filtration process helps retain all of the nuanced flavors of the  ancient grains growing around Mount Etna.

Analytical Data
Mash Bill/Composition

Ancient Sicilian grains. 

Sizes Available
Recommended Applications

Vulcanica vodka is perfect neat with ice, or mixed with Sicilian fruits like lemons and oranges, as well as herbs and Sicilian aromatics.

Try it in a Sicilian gimlet recipe with local basil, cucumber, and lime. It is delicious and refreshing:
De-seed and rough-chop 1/2 cucumber, add to a muddling glass with a few sprigs of fresh basil, 1 oz simple syrup, 1 oz lime juice. Muddle. Add ice. And 2 oz Vulcanica vodka. Stir. Garnish with lime, cucumber, or basil.


Production Process
Source of botanicals/aromatics
Sicily, Italy