M.O.B. Tinto 2018

M.O.B., located in the Serra d'Estrela district of eastern Dão, is not a name that should incite fear, but curiosity. This daring joint venture is named for the three talented winemakers behind it all: Jorge Moreira of Poeira, Francisco Olazabal from Quinta do Vale Meão, and Jorge Serôdio Borges of Quinta do Passadouro and Wine & Soul. The close-knit trio may have deep roots in the neighboring Douro Valley, but they unite under one desire: to represent the Dão in the truest form. While some winemakers in this region are mimicking a bolder Douro style, M.O.B. aims to craft wines that are intense, yet elegant: a style emblematic of the land.
The leading vineyard, Quinta do Corujão, sits at an altitude of 1,640 feet beside Portugal's highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela. The vines in this area are planted in poor granitic soils, forcing their roots to dig deep in search of water and other nutrients. Cool, brisk air graces the vineyards at nightfall, encouraging elevated levels of natural acidity, while the soils impart a refined mineral character to the final wines: a combination that is unmistakably Dão. The trio aims to utilize an organic approach in the vineyards and hone their skills together, as a team, to create wines with true varietal character, unassailable elegance, and a compelling presence that would be difficult to refuse.

Tasting Notes

This is a wine with a beautiful violet color, very intense aromas of cassis, bergamot orange, and wild flowers. On the palate, it is fresh with soft tannins and pleasant acidity complimented by its velvety texture. A complex wine full of character that will evolve beautifully in the bottle over the coming years.

Food Pairing

For fresh and fruitier reds, enjoy them with the grilled meats and  and even some types of bacalhau (saltcod) dishes that are on the heavier side, such as bacalhau com natas (saltcod “potato gratin”), bacalhau à gomes de sá (shredded saltcod baked with onions, potatoes and topped with boiled eggs, olives and parsley) or bacalhau com broa (baked saltcod crusted with a local cornbread). M.O.B. Tinto also pairs well with some Portuguese sheep’s milk cheeses, such as Castelo Branco.

Production Info
Vineyard name
Vineyard size
5 acres
Soil composition
Training method
2,145 feet
1.6 tons
Northern / Southern
Total SO2
Year vineyard planted
First vintage of this wine
Bottles produced of this wine
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
50% Touriga Nacional, 30 % Alfrocheiro, 15 % Jaen, 5 % Baga
Age of Aging Container
Maceration technique
Malolactic fermentation
Type of aging container
Length of bottle aging
6 months
Size of aging container
Type of oak
Length of aging before bottling
12 months
Analytical Data
13.5 %
pH level
Residual sugar
1.3 g/L
5.43 g/L
Dry extract
28.9 g/L

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