Papagiannakos Kalogeri Malagouzia 2021

Founded in 1919, Domaine Papagiannakos is located in the Attica region of Central Greece, just 18 miles from Athens. Today, the winery is run by the 3rd generation, Vassilis Papagiannakos, who has issued a new era of modern winemaking while still maintaining the family’s dedication to cultivating and preserving the region’s most famous indigenous grape, Savatiano, in addition to the recently rediscovered Malagousia.

About the Vineyard

The Malagouzia vineyards used for the Papagiannakos Kalogeri are located in southeastern Attica at an altitude of 165 feet. The vineyard is relatively young, with an average of 20-years-old, and has a north-facing exposure. The vineyard is farmed without irrigation, resulting in low-yielding vines that produce grapes with rich, concentrated fruit flavors.

Wine Production

The Malagousia grapes are fermented in INOX stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature in order to preserve the varietal aromatics. Vinified in a dry style, this wine bears the regional Attiki PGI appellation designation.

Tasting Notes

Golden yellow in color, this wine has a unique aromatic character reminiscent of exotic citrus fruits and bright jasmine florals. The palate is well-rounded and balanced with a refreshing acidity.

Food Pairing

The refreshing character of the wine makes it an ideal accompaniment for seafood, shellfish and baked fish. The rich aromatics also make it a great wine to enjoy with fresh fruit.

Production Info
Soil composition
Limestone and Clay
165 feet
Average Vine Age
20 years
Total SO2
Harvest time
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
100% Malagousia
Fermentation container
INOX stainless-steel tanks
Analytical Data
12.5 %
pH level
Residual sugar
0.5 g/L
5.55 g/L
Dry extract
20.1 g/L

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