Macizo 2015

The idea for the winery came in 2006 when Belén Sánchez took Benjamin Romeo and Patxi Fernández to see the potential of winemaking in her home region of Catalonia near the Massis del Garraf. Both men fell in love with the dry rugged landscape and the calcareous cliffs at the seashore village of Garraf just south of Barcelona. In 2008 after finding a location for the winery in an older building dating back to 1936, the project began in earnest. The winery focuses on local varieties of Xarello and Garnacha Blanca sourced from single-estate plots influenced by their individual soil types and the Catalan coastal mountain range, which rises to 2,156 feet at its highest point inland. The grapes are hand-harvested from head-trained 80-year-old vines and reach the winery within two hours of picking without the use of herbicides. It’s exciting to see how Vins del Massis combines the voluminous body and aging potential of Garnacha Blanca with the taught linear qualities of Xarello and aromatics influenced by a pre-fermentation cold soak, lees aging, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Tasting Notes

Fifty percent Garnacha and 50 percent Xarello from head-trained vines from the El Pou, Vinya Petita and La Font de Cinera vineyards carried in 16 kg boxes to keep the integrity of the fruit intact. The grapes were destemmed, crushed and macerated on the skins for eighteen hours in stainless steel to pull out maximum aromatic potential and then moved to barrels to finish fermentation. The wine was aged for eight months on the fine lees in new 300 L French oak. No malolactic conversion. Fined and filtered. The skin maceration results in pronounced aromatics of white peach and dried apricot and on the palate, manifests itself as passion fruit, grassy mango combined with the silky texture and spicy finish of cold-pressed EVOO.


Food Pairing

Complex salads , Creamed soups , Risottos , Raw seafood , Baked white fish  and Sushi

Production Info
Vineyard name
El Pou, Vinya Petita and La Font de Cinera vineyards
Soil composition
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
50% Garnacha, 50% Xarello
Fermentation container
Stainless steel tanks
Age of Aging Container
Maceration length
18 hours
Type of aging container
Size of aging container
300 L
Type of oak
Length of aging before bottling
8 months on the lees

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