Viña Somoza


Victor Fernández established Viña Somoza in 2001. His philosophy is to fully express the unique characteristics of the Godello grape by using the most advanced technical equipment along with careful viticultural practices.

Location of Vineyard

The winery is situated in Galicia along the ancient Camino Real, where grape-growing dates back to the Romans. The winery is tucked into the Cordillera Cantabrica Mountains in DO Valdeorras, which translates as “Valley of Gold.” The soil is slate substratum irrigated by the River Sil, and the fertile land provides a hospitable home to vineyards. The climate is Mediterranean-Continental, influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.

Winemaking Philosophy

Supervising Viña Somoza’s winemaking is well-known oenologist Fernando González. Precise grape selection, quick, careful transport to the winery, and immediate pressing are prioritized to avoid early fermentation. The wine is fermented in French oak barrels to create a varietal wine bursting with floral notes, tropical fruit and the unique character of the Godello grape.


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Godello Sobre Lías Valdeorras

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