Single Malt Scotch Whisky N/V

The stillmen at Wolfburn distillery use un-peated malt to make a single malt Scotch whisky the old way; pot still distillation, no automation, no rush and a lot of care. 

Tasting Notes

Extremely well balanced with a peppery attack. Sweet and softly fruited, yet fiesty, and served best with a drop of water. This spirit is clean and full of character; soft and slightly unctuous. It is dense on the palate, which will allow it to grow.

Analytical Data
92 %
Mash Bill/Composition

100% Malted Barley


Only natural spring water from Thurso's Wolf Burn is used in the production of Wolfburn Single Malt. Mash-in is done by hand giving the mashman precise control and ensuring a superior quality spirit down the line. After dry yeast is pitched by hand into the washback, fermentation yields a wash of about 9% ABV.

Sizes Available
Recommended Applications

Enjoy neat or unleash full fragrance by adding a drop of water

Production Process
Spirit Name Meaning

The Wolf Burn is the crystal clear source of water for Wolfburn distillery. The burn is a subterranean spring that rises in the wetlands upstream and flows only a few miles before it reaches the sea. No one seems to know where the name of the burn originates, but wolves were certainly once commonplace in Scotland and roamed Caithness in numbers in the 1500s. 


Wolfburn Single Malt is twice distilled in traditional copper pot stills.


Scotch Whisky must be aged at least three years in Scotland prior to release. Wolfburn Single Malt is aged in 100% quarter oak barrels from Islay. All maturation takes place on site at Wolfburn distillery using traditional dunnage methods with casks stored on their side, bung up, on stows and never more than three high.

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