Passi di Orma 2016

Introduced with the 2015 vintage, Passi di Orma represents this venerated Bolgheri producer's second wine and the winery's first Bolgheri DOC. The name, which translates as "Steps from Orma" offers an accurate description of what lies inside the bottle-- a powerful and structured, yet slightly more accessible variant on Orma's namesake wine.

About the Vineyard

The Orma estate is located in the district of Castagneto Carducci within the Bolgheri DOC. Gentle and consistent sea breezes keep the vines ventilated and free of rot despite dense plantings. More than any other characteristic, however, Orma's vineyards are defined by their soil. Here, the soil is composed of a high proportion of sand and pebbles with considerably less clay than other coastal areas in Tuscany. 

Wine Production

Traditional vinification featuring gentle pumpovers and maturation in second-passage barrels favor the expression of the grape varieties and the territory over the winemaker's approach or style.

Tasting Notes

Deep inky purple in its youth, Passi di Orma is accessible with soft, velvety tannin and heaps of ripe plum and blackberry, but it is also structured and serious.  Layers of decadent fruit are underscored by coffee, vanilla bean, and macchia mediterranea. A harmonious finish reaffirms the wine's poise and power.  This is a second wine that does not settle for second place.

Food Pairing

Passi di Orma's full body and rich, juicy fruit steer the list of suggested pairings toward the heavier end of the spectrum with meat dishes always an excellent choice.  Dishes that play on the wine's own character should be highly rewarding, for example a lamb shank seasoned with rosemary and sea salt will tease out the herbal dryness of Tuscany while a seared duck breast with blueberry compote will echo the wine's juicy fruit.  Hardy vegetarian fare such as smoky eggplant caponata will also match well with Passi di Orma.

Production Info
Vineyard size
19 acres
Soil composition
Clay, Sand, and Pebbly
Training method
Cordon Spur-pruned
264 feet
Average Vine Age
15 Years
Year vineyard planted
Harvest time
First vintage of this wine
Bottles produced of this wine
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
40% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc
Fermentation container
Stainless steel tanks
Age of Aging Container
New (10%) - 1 Year (90%)
Length of alcoholic fermentation
7 days days
Fermentation temperature
82 °F
Maceration technique
Maceration length
18 days
Malolactic fermentation
Fining agent
Type of aging container
Length of bottle aging
6 months
Size of aging container
Type of oak
Length of aging before bottling
6 months
Analytical Data
14 %

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