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Before the Carraro family arrived in Brazil in 1875, they had been grape growers in the Veneto region of Breganze. Several generations later, the patriarch of the family, Lidio Carraro, is joined by his sons Giovanni and Juliano Carraro in the winery. In this family operation, Giovanni and Juliano oversee the winemaking process while Lidio Carraro still maintains the same vineyards that his family planted so many years ago. Those vineyards are located in two privileged locations in Southern Brazil: Vale dos Vinhedos and Encruzilhada do Sul. Combining respect for the land, sustainability, and modern vinification technology, it produced its first fine wines in 2002.

Lidio Carraro was the first Brazilian winery to be internationally recognized as a top quality boutique winery producing Icon status wines, so much so that it was named the official wine of the 2014 World Cup. Head winemaker, Monica Rossetti, combines her winemaking skills learned from making wine in France and Italy’s Alto Adige region with the Carraro family’s commitment to quality.

The winery is recognized as a pioneer in the country for introducing an integrated sustainable grape production and enological practices. Starting with meticulous clonal study, soil mapping, production balance, use of Thermo Pest Control (TPC) technology, manual harvesting, strict production control from receiving the grapes through gravity to the finished product, Lidio Carraro makes great wines without resorting to the traditional use of wood. Attention to every winemaking detail allows for creating distinct wines, rich in complexity, structure and balance. Today, Lidio Carraro is considered the top producer of boutique wines in Brazil.

Location of Vineyard

Vale dos Vinhedos - located near the town of Bento Gonçalves in the area north of Porto Alegre, was the first region in Brazil to receive the official Geographical Indication certificate. The basalt bedrock soils help the grapes develop finessed and elegant aromas in the temperate climate of southern Brazil. The soil composition and climate preserve the flavor profile of the grapes and enhances the typical varietal flavor components and complexity.

Encruzilhada do Sul – located in the southwestern portion of the Serra do Sudeste, with its rolling hills and granitic soil provides low levels of organic matter with excellent drainage. These dense, rocky soils help to ripen the grapes by radiating heat onto the low-trained bunches. The vineyards are planted on the gentle slopes allowing the development of polyphenols and anthocyanins necessary to achieve deep color, solid structure and aging potential.

Winemaking Philosophy

Lidio Carraro entered the market to break new ground. The winery’s drive and passion began by conducting soil studies to perfectly match the varietals to the soil types, the first step in producing the highest quality fruit possible.

Their vision is to produce “pure wine” based on a philosophy of preserving the integrity and essence of wine. The entire process of winemaking at Lidio Carraro is conducted with minimal interference and with the greatest respect for the natural expression of the grape and its terroir. Wood is never used for fermentation or aging, as a means to extract and preserve the pure essence, complexity, structure and flavors of the grape.

Brazil was the first country to use the TPC Technology, an innovative system that promises to significantly reduce, or eliminate the use of pesticides by using a hot air jet. This hot air jet is used on the plants at a certain speed and temperature to eliminate fungus, bacteria and other pests without harming the vines.


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