Kinahan's Single Malt Irish Whiskey N/V

Kinahan’s Single Malt Irish Whiskey has been matured exclusively in ex-bourbon barrels for at least 10 years. The Malt Master carefully samples the aged whiskey, cask by cask. He will only select single malt which overlays the original mellow, rich and full flavored character that is unique to a forgotten Irish Whiskey of ‘L.L.’ flavor. 

Tasting Notes

Color: Amber Gold
Nose: prominent flavor of black cherry and cola emerge followed by malted cereal grain.
Palate: Tropical fruits, mandarine orange and pineapple initiate the palate, The cherry cola flavours linger and are joined by cracked pepper and orange pekoe tea  The mouthfeel is smooth, thick and round. Adding a touch of water releases the natural oils from the malted barley and the flavours explode on the palate.
Finish: Extremely long as the oils cling to the tongue and mouth and adds a hint of cigar wrapper.

Analytical Data
92 %
Mash Bill/Composition

100% malted barley

Sizes Available
Recommended Applications

Enjoy this whiskey the way you prefer to drink any fine Single Malt - neat, with water, or as we imagine Jerry Thomas did, with a fine cigar.

Production Process
Spirit Name Meaning

Named after Daniel Kinahan, who founded the original Distillery on Trinity Street in Dublin in 1779.

Production Size

Traditional non-chill filtration (original method) bottled at 46% abv


Exaclty like 200 years ago, Kinahans whiskey is still carefully sampled cask by cask to select only the whiskey that overlays unusually mellow, rich and full flavoured character, all a minimum of 10 years old.

Age Statement

10 years


100% Pot-stilled Single Malt Whiskey selected and bottled by Kinahan's Irish Whiskey Co.

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