Kinahan's Blended Irish Whiskey N/V

Kinahan's Blended Irish Whiskey is carefully matured in the finest oak casks for a minimum of six years. The matured whiskey is skillfully blended to deliver the smooth taste profile that is unique to a Forgotten Irish Whiskey of 'L.L.' flavor.
Exactly like 200 years ago, Kinahans L.L. whiskey is still matured only in the finest handpicked oak casks. The aged whiskey is still carefully sampled cask by cask to select only the whiskey, which overlays unusually mellow, rich and full flavoured character.

Tasting Notes

Color: Bright Gold
Nose: Honey comb granola and orchard fruits emanate from the tasting glass after a period of aeration
Palate: Entry is smooth and viscous, baked green apples emerge followed by bitter dark chocolate and a whiff of spearmint leaves. Adding a touch of water releases flavours of lemon oil and creamy vanilla
Finish: Long and robust with malted grains sticking to the palate and finishes with the taste of glazed lemon cake.

Analytical Data
92 %
Mash Bill/Composition

A combination of whiskeys made with malted and unmalted barley, as well as grain whiskeys from vairous sources. 

Sizes Available
Recommended Applications

Delicious neat or on the rocks. The higher malt content and higher proof allow the flavor to shine in cocktails, dilution only enhances its character. 

Production Process
Production Size

Traditional non-chill filtration (original method)


All casks in the blend are at least 6 years in age

Age Statement

Not applicable


At least 25% Single Malt Irish Whiskey and two different types of aged grain whiskeys

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Kinahan's Single Malt Irish Whiskey

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