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Named for the iconic bartender and cocktail pioneer Jerry Thomas, known as “The Professor,” Vermouth del Professore is produced at the Antica Distilleria Quaglia in the sunny hills between Monferrato and the hills around Turin. The distillery was founded in the years immediately following the unification of Italy in the late 1800s. In 1906, it was bought by Giuseppe Quaglia, who expanded and updated the distillery. Today the company is directed by Carlo, great-grandson of the founder. He dedicates himself to his work by bringing new ideas and energy, enriching the range of products, and using the best raw materials of natural origin.

Distilling Philosophy

The vermouth is made from a Moscato-based wine from the Langhe, which is fortified with alcohol and aromatized with more than a dozen herbs and spices. The result is a golden, amber vermouth with distinct aromas and flavors, ranging from honey and chamomile to the flowering plant gentian and wormwood. It is one of very few types of vermouth on the market made solely from wine and ingredients produced in-house. Quaglia insists that this ensures the intensity and authenticity of the aromas within the vermouth, as they oversee the whole process from grape and herbs to the finished product.


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