Citra Sangiovese Terre di Chieti IGP 2017

Codice Citra was founded in 1973 when 3,000 small family growers decided to unite to form a winery dedicated to quality. The property, with its 6,000 hectares—14,800 acres—covers the majority of the Chieti province. Since its foundation, Codice Citra has focused on cultivating the most important, indigenous grape varieties within the province of Chieti.

About the Vineyard

These family owned properties, some with only 1 hectare, create a mosaic of small vineyards stretching north to south along the Adriatic coast and east to west from the sea to Majella Mountain. The range of climate and topography offers unparalleled quality and variety.  Winemaking process from vineyard to bottle led by renowned enologist Riccardo Cotarella.

Wine Production

Hand-harvested grapes are vinified in stainless steel tanks with a long maceration at a controlled temperature. The must is frequently pumped over for 8-15 days to intensify the aromatics and the color.  The wine is then finished in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting Notes

This wine shows brilliant Sangiovese character of sour cherry and Macchia Mediterranea (Mediterranean wild herbs) with a persistent finish that is both dry and balanced.

Food Pairing

Abundant body and firm structure make this wine an excellent pairing with pasta, red meats, game, cold cuts and seasoned cheeses

Production Info
Vineyard name
Soil composition
Iron-rich and Pebbly
Training method
Abruzzo Trellis
330-1,150 feet
Average Vine Age
8 tons
Year vineyard planted
Harvest time
First vintage of this wine
Bottles produced of this wine
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition
100% Sangiovese
Fermentation container
Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation
10-12 days
Fermentation temperature
71-77 °F
Maceration technique
Maceration length
Malolactic fermentation
Fining agent
Animal based
Type of aging container
Stainless steel tanks
Length of bottle aging
1 Month
Size of aging container
120000 liters
Length of aging before bottling
2 Months
Analytical Data
12.8 %
pH level
Residual sugar
4.8 g/L
5.2 g/L
Dry extract
29.2 g/L

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