CapriNatura Limoncello N/V

According to an old tale of the island of Capri, a young shepherd fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy landowner.  This shepherd felt that this love was hopeless and he used to find refuge under the shade of a lemon tree where he would give free flow to his feelings by reciting and singing love poems.  Weeks went by and slowly the seasons changed and the young shepherd was more and more sad.  But one day the miracle happened: the girl, aware of his passion, went and saw him in hiding and was fascinated by his sweetness and by his deep feelings.  From that moment the lemon tree became their meeting point and in honor of the season and of the place they created a liqueur made with lemon, strong and sweet as their love: the Lemon Liqueur.

Tasting Notes

Brilliant lemon yellow color; on the palate it shows a strong  lemon aroma, very sweet and pleasant.

Analytical Data
Mash Bill/Composition

Lemon peel, alcohol, water and sugar syrup.

Sizes Available
Production Process

The liqueur is obtained by natural infusion of lemons washed and peeled placed in the pure alcohol for 4/5 days.  When the infusion reaches 39% vol. Alc., the sugar melted in water is mixed with the infusion for 5 hours in stainless steel containers. The final product is then filtered and bottled.