Established in 1870 by Scotsman John Campbell, Campbells Wines celebrated 150 years of family winemaking in 2020. Today the two sisters, Jules Campbell as Winemaker and Jane as Managing Director, are the fifth generation of Campbells and are proud custodians of their family legacy.

Campbells is a family owned and operated estate and their philosophy is to capture the full flavors of Rutherglen, creating wines of complexity and elegance. Campbells is renowned for it's world famous fortified wines – Muscat and Topaque – as well as the Rutherglen Durif which is a full flavored red wine with the earthy grit characters that are so true to Rutherglen.

Location of Vineyard

Campbells winery is located in Rutherglen, a historical, picturesque town, approximately 93 miles northeast of Melbourne.

The vineyard is blessed with a unique climate that is mellow and predictable, which offers plentiful sunshine. In winter and spring, soaking rains provide excellent moisture reserves. In summer months, Rutherglen experiences warm, sunny days and very cool clear nights. The extended, mild, dry fall allows the grapes to achieve slow, even ripening and abundant fruit flavors.

Winemaking Philosophy

Topaque is one of Rutherglen’s best-kept secrets—sweet, luscious, complex and elegant. Each vintage the grapes are left on the vines (20 to 25 years old) to ripen fully until raisined and laden with natural sugar. The resulting wine is blended with previous vintages using a modified Solera method to produce a consistent house style. The final blend contains portions of wine from some vintages more than 30 years old. The deep brilliant, burnished gold Topaque displays toffee, honey and tea leaf characters with mellowed oak on the finish.

This unctuous dessert wine was developed by pioneer winemakers who discovered that Muscat produces a wonderful wine when exposed to Rutherglen’s long dry growing season. Each season the grapes are picked from vines (20 to 25 years old) after prolonged ripening to ensure maximum sugar levels and raisin character. The wine is then blended with previous vintages, some more than 30 years old, in the Soleras to maintain a consistent house style. The resulting bright amber Muscat displays intense, fresh raisin fruit flavors with a luscious, mouth-filling finish.


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Muscat & Muscat-based Blends

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Campbells Rutherglen Muscat

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