Boomsma Oude N/V

Tasting Notes

The aging in the barrel creates a stunning, rich, and malty Genever with a slight golden colour. Tasted neat even with a little drop of water you have the juniper berry tones but now accompanied with vanilla and spices. The maltiness and spices make it a great ingredient for cocktails.

Analytical Data
80 %
Mash Bill/Composition

Three different types of alcohol, all use their own Mash. Main ingredients are grain, barley and wheat.

Sizes Available
Recommended Applications

To be enjoyed neat as a digestive or in cocktails.

Production Process
Spirit Name Meaning

Oude refers to the "old style" of making Genever.  

Production Size

This product is made of three types of alchohol, Grain alcohol distilled in a permanent still, Maltwine a double pot distilled blend of barley and wheat and Cornwine a triple pot distilled blend of barley, wheat and rye.


After the aging period the barrels are emptied into a stainless steel tank and topped with water until 40% alcohol volume is reached. - Filtering of the product through 1 micron depth filter. - Rinsing, bottling, capping and sealing of the product in new glass bottles under hygienic conditions, using high speed automatic bottling and label applications equipment.


The Genever is aged in small oak barrels for at least one year. The barrels are previously used 200 liter scotch whisky barrels.

Botanicals/Aromatics Used
Botanical make-up is according to a secret family recipe.

The three different types of grain alcohol are blended together. In the old we use a higher percentage of maltwine and cornwine.

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