The Big Stick Rye Whisky N/V

Our locally harvested winter Rye is the cover crop that is planted on the farmland to maintain the sustainable charactersitics of the soils following the harvesting of Long Island’s iconic potatoes.  Bottled at Cask Strength, this remarkable Rye reveals its true raw spirit. 

Tasting Notes

Hints of spice coupled with a touch of malty sweetness, followed by a long warm smooth finish.

Analytical Data
121 %
Mash Bill/Composition

95% Rye, 5% Malted Barley


Stainless Steel Fermentation for 8 to 10 days at 70 degrees, using a Champagne Yeast.

Sizes Available
Recommended Applications

Neat or splash of water; pair with Blue Point Oysters.

Production Process
Spirit Name Meaning

In 1898 Teddy Roosevelt, a native Long Islander, organized the United States First Volunteer Cavalry known as the Rough Riders. This disparate group of men shared a common purpose – the pursuit of adventure, independence and excellence. The distillery at Long Island Spirits and the product crafted there, just miles from where the Rough Riders disbanded, embodies the same fearless spirit as these men and their leader. "Speak softly, and carry a big stick."

Source of base ingredients
North Fork, Long Island
Production Size

Double Pot Distilled in Christian Carl 650 Liter stills.


Hand Bottled 6 bottle filler through 1 micron filter.


30 Gallon New American Oak for a Minimum of 1 Year.


Blended in microbatches, 8 Barrel per batch.

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