Western Australia

Home to some of the world’s most geographically isolated wine regions, Western Australia might also lay claim to being one of the most underrated wine-growing states in the world.  Western Australia hosts some of Australia’s emerging winemaking regions (Margaret River is just over 50 years since first planting) alongside some of Australia’s oldest vineyards (Swan District was planted in the 1830s).  Through this mix of traditions and youthfulness comes some of Australia’s most exciting styles of wine showing that there is incredible potential and value to be had in this western frontier.

While the political boundaries make it Australia’s largest state by land mass, the production of wine therein is tiny with only 5% of total wine in Australia.  Due to its proximity to both the Indian and Southern Oceans, Western Australia enjoys a cooler growing season than most of the rest of Australia’s mainland.  Cool breezes moderate the summer sun, which allows for gentle ripening and a more diverse selection of grape varieties to thrive.  Some of Australia’s most celebrated Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Semillon, and Chardonnay all find roots in Western Australia.

Within Western Australia, you can find three zones of wine production.  Central Western Australia is a large zone by acreage but is home to relatively few wineries.  Greater Perth is centered around the capital city of Perth and is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the state and includes the regions of Peel, Perth Hills, and Swan District.  South West Australia, is where the greatest concentration of high-quality winemaking takes place and encompasses Margaret River, Blackwood Valley, Geographe, Manjimup, Pemberton, and Great Southern.

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