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New Vendor Submission and Selection Process

We take pride in our portfolio of fine wine, craft spirits and non-alcoholic products and we honor the sales commitments we have made to our existing Vendors. We have implemented a process for effectively evaluating new brands and ensuring that we can attain the results that meet our mutual expectations:

  • If you'd like to discuss our philosophy and your portfolio, please contact Lynn Blecker, Vice President, Portfolio Management, via email at l_blecker@winebow.com.
  • For any samples and/or pricing you would like to submit for consideration please contact Lynn Blecker via email at l_blecker@winebow.com
  • Our wine and spirits experts conduct tastings for all new vendors' products each month. Should your brand be selected for representation, our sales, accounting and purchasing departments will send you the necessary information you need to begin doing business in the State of Georgia.
  • All line extensions must be pre-approved by our Vice President of Portfolio Management, l_blecker@winebow.com.

Georgia Importer License & Brand Registration

In order to sell to a wholesale distributor in the State of Georgia, you must acquire license as a foreign importer, register all brands and register as a foreign corporation.

Foreign Importer License & Brand Registration:

Georgia Department of Revenue 
Alcohol & Tobacco Tax Division

Howard A. Tyler, Director 
1800 Century Blvd., N.E. Room 4235 
Tel: 404-417-4900 
Fax: 404-417-4901
Email: ATDIV@DOR.GA.GOV http://www.etax.dor.ga.gov/BusTax_Alcohol.aspx

Application Forms: http://www.etax.dor.ga.gov/alcohol/alc_forms.aspx

Instructions and checklist for license application:

Foreign Corporation Application:

Georgia Secretary of State's Office 
Corporations Division 
315 West Tower, 2 MLK, Jr. Dr. 
Atlanta, GA 30334-1530 
Tel: 404-656-2817

Foreign Corporation application:


The Surety Group, Inc.
One Park Place 
1900 Emery Street 
Suite 120 
Atlanta, GA 30318 
Tel (404) 352-8211 
Fax (404) 351-3237


For questions and information regarding purchasing, contact:

Bill Yorks
Director of IT & Purchasing
Direct 404.367.9463 ext 101

Accounts Payable

If you have any questions regarding accounts payable issues, please contact:

Takisha Long 
Accounts Payable Coordinator 
404-367-9463, Ext.120

Depletion Analysis and Custom Report Requests

Quality Wine and Spirits wants to ensure that our Vendors are getting the information they need to properly manage their business. We currently provide depletion information on a monthly basis. For information contact:

Tabby Mincey 
Accounts Operations Supervisor
404-367-9463, Ext. 111

State and Local Tax Information

State Wine Tax

  • $.40 per liter wines 14% alcohol or less produced outside of the State of Georgia
  • $.67 per liter wines over 14% alcohol produced outside of the State of Georgia

State Liquor Tax

  • $1.00 per liter “distilled spirits” (under 160 proof) produced outside of the State of Georgia
  • $1.40 per liter “alcohol” (160 proof or more) produced outside of the State of Georgia

Local Wine & Liquor Tax

  • $.22 per liter