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Winery Overview

For centuries, the Allegrini family has defined winemaking in the Valpolicella area north of Verona, while continually engaging in their tireless pursuit of perfection. Today, they operate one of the most highly acclaimed Italian estate wineries, renowned in particular for their exceptional Amarone production. As one of the first families to develop several cru vineyards, including the famed La Poja dedicated to 100% Corvina, they continue to demonstrate a respect and devotion to Valpolicella wines paired with a modern sensibility. Years of research and experimentation are evident in every aspect of Allegrini’s wines, from the meticulous vineyards and cellars to the innovative grape-drying process; everything is done with the objective of enhancing and perfecting the intrinsic quality of their wines. While demonstrating the same quest for perfection, the winemaking style focuses on emphasizing local grapes and crafting enticing wines that consistently showcase elegance, intensity, concentration and complexity.

Based in northeastern Italy, the Allegrini estate is steeped in the culture and heritage of Fumane di Valpolicella, a small village just north of Verona. Since the 16th century, the Allegrini family has handed down grape growing and wine producing traditions from one generation to the next. Records reveal that the family played a prominent role in the local community as one of the most important land-owners, involved in agricultural work and upholding local traditions. In modern times, the well-earned Allegrini reputation is considered to be a direct result of the intelligence and hard work of Giovanni Allegrini, an instinctive man who dedicated his resources to the land and innovative wine-producing techniques. Giovanni was among the first to question local viticultural procedures, and as a result, he revolutionized accepted practices, while combining the science of enology with strict grape selection to create several of Valpolicella’s most famous wines. Today, Giovanni’s children continue his legacy.

Location of Vineyards

Located in the village of Fumane, the Allegrini winery is perfectly situated in the heart of the famous Valpolicella region. Meaning Valley of Many Cellars in Italian, Valpolicella is an area characterized by north-south valleys, forming the perfect combination of geography and climate for many of Allegrini’s vineyards. With vineyards in many of the villages of the classico (original) zone, the family’s holdings are impressive. Largely based on the philosophy of cru production, each vineyard is dedicated to the production of local varieties destined to become a single wine.

Winemaking Philosophy

Franco Allegrini became Allegrini’s winemaker in 1983, assuming his father Giovanni’s responsibilities shortly after his death. Franco had worked closely with Giovanni for many years, acquiring both his father’s skill and passion for fine wine. Relying on his rock-solid intuition, Franco was responsible for a revolution of sorts in traditional Valpolicella winemaking, pioneering several fundamental innovations including the introduction of barriques, reducing the aging period to maintain a lively fruitiness in the flavors and aromas, modifying the well-known Ripasso technique and the drying process, with the creation a modern drying center called Terre di Fumane that today stands as a benchmark for the Valpolicella region.