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Tre Venti Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Rive di Ogliano Brut DOCG 2011


Wine Description

Tre Venti, Zardetto's new limited edition single vineyard Prosecco, is the result of Fabio Zardetto's never-ending research into the Prosecco DOCG world. The hill of Ogliano, a village north of Conegliano, enjoys a southern exposure where the term “rive” refers to the most exposed (prized for ripening) part of the hill—much the same as “bricco,” “ronco,” and “poggio” are used in other regions in Italy.  The soil is rich in young clay from its glacial beginnings and it gives this Prosecco hints of spice. Moreover, the source vineyard for Tre Venti (located on the eastern border of the DOCG) is chilled during summer nights by a complex system of three winds (tre venti) blowing from the east.  This effect allows the fruit-driven aromas and the fresh acidity of this Prosecco to develop slowly but fully.

Tasting Notes

This Prosecco has a brilliant straw yellow color, a sensual foam and a refined yet persistent perlage.  The perfumes are delicate with hints of floral notes wisteria and acacia, and green apple, pear and citrus fruits. It is spicy yet refined and the palate the structure is elegant with firm acidity, velvety texture and a long, creamy finish. 

Food Pairing

Serve with first courses such as elegantly sauced crab dishes or rich and salty tempuras.  This is a Prosecco of style and grace worthy of your best celebration.

  • Vineyard & Production Info

    • Production area/appellation: Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG
    • Vineyard name: Conegliano-Valdobbiadene/Rive di Ogliano
    • Vineyard size: 5 acres
    • Soil composition: Clay and morainic deposits
    • Training method: Sylvoz
    • Elevation: 495 feet
    • Vines/acre: 1,000
    • Yield/acre: 5.2 tons
    • Exposure: Southwestern
    • Year vineyard planted: 1995
    • Harvest time: September
    • First vintage of this wine: 2010
    • Bottles produced of this wine: 10,000
  • Winemaking & Aging

    • Varietal composition: 100% Glera
    • Fermentation container: Stainless steel tanks
    • Length of alcoholic fermentation: 40 days
    • Fermentation temperature: 57 °F
    • Type of aging container: Bottle
    • Size of aging container: .75 L
    • Length of aging before bottling: 1.5 months
    • Length of bottle aging: 2-3 years
  • Analytical Data

    • Alcohol: 11.5 %
    • pH level: 3.1
    • Residual sugar: 8.0 g/L
    • Acidity: 6.5 g/L
    • Dry extract: 18.0 g/L