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Misterio 2009


Wine Description

Like in the other red blends from Alma Negra, Bonarda plays a dominant role in Misterio. Components for the final blend of this wine are selected by Ernesto Catena. He then exits the process and leaves the blending up to the winemaker. The final wine is always a statement to quality, and because Ernesto does not have knowledge of the final blend, it is truly a mystery of sorts. The blend is unique in each vintage.

Tasting Notes

A dense wine with aromas of spicebox, dark berry and bright cherry on the nose which lead to an elegant wine in the mouth full of chocolate, mineral, spice, blueberry and blackberry fruit. The finish lingers with an elegant nature and smooth mouth-coating conentration.

Food Pairing

This wine pairs well with grilled steak and prime rib.

  • Vineyard & Production Info

    • Vineyard name: Vistaflores, Ernesto Catena Vineyard, Adrianna Vineyard
    • Soil composition: Clay-Loam
    • Training method: Guyot VSP
    • Elevation: 3,600 feet
    • Vines/acre: 2,222
    • Yield/acre: 2.5 tons
    • Exposure: Eastern / Western
    • Harvest time: April
    • First vintage of this wine: 2003
    • Bottles produced of this wine: 24,000
  • Winemaking & Aging

    • Varietal composition: Bonarda, Malbec, Petit Verdot
    • Fermentation container: Stainless steel tanks
    • Length of alcoholic fermentation: 13 days
    • Fermentation temperature: 82.4-86 °F
    • Maceration technique: Cold maceration
    • Length of maceration: 5 days
    • Malolactic fermentation: Yes
    • Type of aging container: Barriques
    • Size of aging container: 225 L
    • Age of aging container: New-Two years
    • Type of oak: French and American
    • Length of aging before bottling: 12 months
    • Length of bottle aging: 6 months
  • Analytical Data

    • Alcohol: 13.7 %
    • pH level: 3.72
    • Residual sugar: 2.1 g/L
    • Acidity: 5.8 g/L