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The Winebow Group




Winebow, Inc. ( is a leading importer of premium Italian wines in the United States, and a major importer and distributor of wines, spirits and sake from around the world.

Founded in 1980 by Leonardo LoCascio, America’s preeminent authority on Italian wine, Winebow imports over 400 wines from Italy under the Leonardo LoCascio Selections label.

In 2005, Winebow began reaching out to other prominent wine regions with its business expertise, dedication and unmatched standards of authenticity and quality. The company now boasts a diverse and prestigious portfolio of wines from Argentina, Austria, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, as well as sakes and artisanal spirits.

Headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, Winebow is a thriving $225 million business with approximately 500 employees throughout the U.S., including a sales force dedicated to wine education and customer service. In recent years, Winebow’s distribution network has expanded significantly as part of a dynamic “Buy and Build” growth strategy that includes the acquisition and creation of new distributorships. Winebow currently sells over four thousand (4000) wines and spirits as a wholesaler in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Montgomery County, Maryland.

Winebow’s award-winning portfolio of Italian wines is distributed nationally under the Leonardo LoCascio Selections label, the de facto seal of approval for enthusiasts of Italian wine. The wines of the LoCascio Selections label typically come from smaller, independent wineries throughout Italy offering a special combination of excellence in quality and value, while reflecting the distinctive characteristics of their respective regions. Winebow was one of the first U.S. importers to introduce Americans to many of these superb Italian regions, bringing greater recognition to areas that had long been underrepresented here.

In 2008 and 2009 respectively, Winebow expanded its national footprint; first with the acquisition of Click Wine Group and then by securing exclusive distribution rights to Argentina’s Catena winery. Click Wine Group offered Winebow several leading consumer-driven brands, while Catena offered the opportunity to represent a preeminent South American winery with an incredible pedigree and a long history of acclaim.

In early 2010, with Leonardo focusing on strategy and supplier and customer relations, Winebow recruited industry veteran Jon Moramarco to come on board as president and CEO. A 12th generation winemaker, Jon brings invaluable wine expertise and solid personal relationships throughout the wine industry. With a highly attractive distribution footprint, a broad portfolio, and a highly experienced management team, Winebow is well positioned to continue its growth and to expand its presence in the wine industry.